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Kaitlyn Chapman

Co-Executive Director

Kaitlyn is a mental health counselor in Spokane. She received a Master in Counselor Education from Eastern Washington University, and is a Certified Circle of Security Parent Facilitator. A majority of her work has been with children and families in a variety of settings both through Early Childhood Education and Counseling.

Kaitlyn was born and raised in Spokane and enjoys contributing to a community that influenced who she is today. Outside of work, Kaitlyn enjoys the nature Spokane has to offer through hiking and running.

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Luc Jasmin III

Co-Executive Director

Luc began his career working in the public school system and transitioned to early childhood education: working his way up from teacher to assistant director and then to an owner when he purchased Parkview Early Learning Center in North Spokane. He is a founder and the treasurer of Washington Childcare Centers Association and is an active advocate for children, youth, and families in Washington state. Luc also runs Jasmin and Associates, LLC, a bookkeeping and business consultation company primarily serving small businesses in the Spokane area.


Growing up a first-generation Haitian-American propelled him to understand and focus on, among other factors: equity, racial bias, and cultural differences. His goal is to create a solid foundation in which all youth can be successful; regardless of their of racial background, religious affiliation, economic standing or any other lived experiences.


Deidra Hakala

Program Coordinator

Deidra's passion lies with making an impact on young lives. A born educator, she started volunteering at elementary schools as early as she was allowed. Upon graduating from high school she taught in a variety of settings: teaching rock climbing, leading swim lessons, and tutoring. She received a Bachelor in Elementary Education with a Literacy Endorsement from Eastern Washington University. Deidra is excited to bring her experience and knowledge and experience as an elementary educator to the programs at NEYFS.


Deidra’s passion for teaching centers around inquiry based learning and outdoor education. She aims to spread access to nutrition education, knowledge of mindfulness outdoors, and gardening basics.


Elaina Sicilia

Executive Assistant

Elaina was born and raised in Spokane, and has always had a heart for the community. She has a Bachelors in English with a Language Arts endorsement from Whitworth University. She also received a certificate in Mission Outreach Studies from Notre Dame University and has completed the Landmark Forum & Advanced Course. She is passionate about access to high quality education for all children, youth, and adults to adequately prepare the next generation for higher education and the workforce while also reinvigorating the adults and parents in our community. 


Working towards a better future and redefining what is possible is what drives Elaina daily. She firmly believes one person has the ability to spark true change and make a lasting impact on the world when they believe in themselves and the power their community can have when they work together.